Injectable Medications and Vaccinations


We can also deliver directly to patients in hospital rooms before discharge from the hospital for their convenience.


We stock many of the drugs bone marrow transplant patients require and can deliver these to patients in hospital rooms or to their local residence while being treated in Pittsburgh.

We have SHINGRIX in stock ALWAYS!

Bring in your prescription or have your physician send it to us and we can administer the vaccine to you.
SHINGRIX is a two dose vaccine injection given in your upper arm. The second dose is given from 2 to 6 
months after the first dose. The FDA recommends receiving SHINGRIX even if you have already had 
ZOSTAVAX in the past.

Come in for your Flu Shot!

We administer injectable vaccines on a walk in basis.
Come in for your flu vaccine or your SHINGRIX (Shingles vaccination).